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What we offer

What does UK Swim Academy Offer?

The UK Swim Academy Learn to Swim Programme has been set up to both inspire and teach your child.

Your child is guaranteed to have FUN and LEARN!

- We have two Swim Schools
- Wanborough Swim School
- Cricklade Swim School
- We run lessons ALL year round, not just term time
- Lessons are booked in 10 week blocks
- Small groups with a maximum of just 6 in a class in Wanbrorough and 7 children in a class at Cricklade
- Lessons are 30 minutes
- We cater for all levels and children from new born
- Wanborough Swim School is run from our own private pool just off the A419 only a minute from the Great Western Hospital

Note: During holiday periods we run Intensive learn to Swim weeks.

- Are you aspiring to be the next Michael Phelps?
- Do you want to make your stroke 100% more efficient?
- Are you training for a big competition or Triathlon?
- Fed up of plodding up and down at your local Swimming Club?
- Do you want your stroke looked at with a fresh pair of eyes?

1-2-1 Swimming coaching with Adam Faulkner is suitable for anyone who can swim 100m all the way up to an international swimmer requiring their stroke tweaking and every level in-between. Using his wealth of international swimming experience Adam guarantees to revolutionise your swimming experience. During your series of sessions your stroke will be broken down and analysed to enable you to be the best you can be.

A preferred option of many adults is to receive teaching on a one to one basis. Guarantee your improvement in the pool with private swimming lessons and have with the session tailored to you. We will ensure you set some goals before you start and our job then will be to help you reach them.

You probably have a busy life and trying to find time to squeeze in swimming lessons isnt that easy. We understand that and thats why we have access to lots of pool time throughout Wiltshire so will work to fit in with YOU!

Whether you are looking to swim a length or a mile private lessons will help you get there - quickly.

One to one sessions are proven to be the best way of improving your child’s swimming. The same teacher will stay with your child throughout their course of lessons and so will be able to monitor and improve your child at their own pace.

- We follow the nationally recognised ASA Learn to Swim Pathway
- Lessons are either 30 / 45 / 60 minutes
- We teach all abilities (Yes even a child who has never entered a pool before!)
- You WILL be able to engage with your child’s teacher, you will also have the mobile number of Adam if you ever have one of those burning questions or queries!

The backbone of the ASA Learn to Swim Programme concentrates on the FUNdamentals of swimming and all swimming teachers have to be ASA level 2 Qualified. That’s just a pre-requisite for us here at UK Swim Academy. All teachers are handpicked and assessed by UK Swim Academy Director and Double Olympian Adam Faulkner.

We keep our team small and only use the best. Your child is guaranteed to have FUN and LEARN!

As a former distance Swimmer and having broken the 15 minute barrier for 1500m Freestyle, there is no one more qualified than Adam Faulkner to help you with your swimming.

Its very often the case that Swimming will be the weaker part of a Triathlon. Don't let it be. You will find out how to work smarter, not harder and exit the swimming phase quicker with bags more energy.

See this testimonial below of an athlete who is now finishing his swimming phase over the ironman distance 3 minutes quicker having completed over 1000 LESS strokes!

Al Meadows - Iromman:

As an aspiring amateur triathlete a good opening swim leg is crucial to a solid performance in a race. When I approached Adam for his help in September 13 I could barely swim 100 m in a pool without feeling totally exhausted and I feared going swimming. Yet after just 10 minutes of tuition from him my stroke and movement through the water had changed dramatically ,significantly reducing the number of strokes per length yet covering the distance faster and almost effortlessly. Through small simple changes every few weeks he grew my confidence and after only a couple of months I was able to push out a mile in a reasonable time. After 4 months of following his dedicated personal program, a mile seems insignificant and you look forward to pool time.
Adam has a very relaxed and engaging manner and is a natural swim coach. He listens and understands individual needs and always brings out the positives in every session. He only makes a couple of small changes at a time but ensures that you understand them and the effect that they should be having, even the drills that he sets as part of the training are fun. I was unaware of his swimming achievements when I asked him for help yet despite his modesty he makes you feel like the Olympian!

Alan Meadows

Are you a competitive swimmer?

Do you want to spend the day learning from the best?

Ever watched an Olympian swim then practised what you have seen seconds later?

At UK Swim Academy we run specialist swim camps for:

-Starts / Turns

Qualified land training experts and nutritionists will also run sessions teaching you how to be the best both in and out of the pool.

Our Olympic Swim Days are run around the country.

Please visit for more information

Correcting and refining stroke technique can be taken to a new level now with the use of Underwater Video Analysis with Adam Faulkner. You will get to see immediate playback and receive instant feedback using the latest technology and by breaking down elements of your current stroke you CAN and WILL increase your efficiency and speed.

- Sessions last 1 hour or 2 hours
- All media is available to keep
- A written analysis and summary is provided
- Gift vouchers are available
- 25% off subsequent sessions

We offer a range of products from your childs Learn to Swim awards to equipment and training aids including branded UK Swim Academy Swim hats and tshirts!

So...... Why Do You Need Swimming In Your Life?

1. Schools don't teach children like they used to?

1 in 5 children leave school unable to swim.

We at UK Swim Academy want to help change this statistic.

2. Safety?

Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death for children in the UK.

3. Fitness?

Because water is about 800 times denser than air, you can work harder, and burn more calories in a pool than out of it

4. Health?

At least one in six people in Britain suffer from depression at any one time - rhythmic and aerobic forms of exercise such as swimming can improve psychological well being

5. Burn those calories?

An hour of swimming will burn up to 650 calories. It burns off more calories than walking or biking

6. Avoid Injuries?

Swimming can support up to 90% of the body’s weight in the water, meaning that those with disabilities, injuries or illnesses such as arthritis can take part in a comfortable and safe environment

7. Muscle Tone?

Different swimming strokes challenge different muscles within the body so you can choose where you tone up