UK Tri Academy


For many swimming is often a Triatheles weakest discipline! To others its just the bit before the bike and then the race starts! The bit to get through in one piece!

Ring any bells?!

Don’t let it be!

We will allow you to get on that bike feeling a lot fresher after a much more efficient swim!

How do we do that? The majority of triathletes work too hard on the swimming phase and we will change that. We will focus on making your stroke more efficient, allowing you to maintain your speed using up to 40% less energy!

The Triathelete programme is run by Adam Faulkner, Adam is a Double Olympic distance swimmer / Commonwealth Games Medallist and is one of only a handful of British Swimmers to break the 15 minute barrier on 1500m freestyle.

Stop dreading the Swim and thinking you can catch up on the bike by getting in touch with us now!

Where and When?

  • – Book at a time to suit you


    – Locations throughout Wiltshire


    – Small Group Sessions available