Adam has a very relaxed and engaging manner and is a natural swim coach. He listens and understands individual needs and always brings out the positives in every session. He only makes a couple of small changes at a time but ensures that you understand them and the effect that they should be having, even the drills that he sets as part of the training are fun. I was unaware of his swimming achievements when I asked him for help yet despite his modesty he makes you feel like the Olympian!

Al Meadows
Ironman Triathlete

After just 10 minutes of tuition from him my stroke and movement through the water had changed dramatically, significantly reducing the number of strokes per length yet covering the distance faster and almost effortlessly. Through small simple changes every few weeks he grew my confidence and after only a couple of months I was able to push out a mile in a reasonable time. Over the Swimming leg I now do over 1000 LESS strokes, yet I am faster and its easier?!

Al Meadows
Ironman Triathlete

I have known Adam for many years, from when I was growing up to then training side by side with him every day.  Being younger than Adam it was a great experience for me training with someone who was at the top of their game and making Olympic Teams. He has a great passion for the sport and a huge range of knowledge from technique to tactics and nutrition. It's great to see him doing what he knows and loves and helping the next generation of young swimmers.

Rebecca Adlington OBE
Double Olympic Gold Medalist

Adam is one of the most gifted swimmers I've had the pleasure to train with. Put that with the will to train hard and push his body to the absolute limit and that's what got him to the to the Olympic Games, twice. Through his climb to the top he gained vast knowledge & experience and has so much to pass on.

James Crisp
Paralympic Gold Medalist

Having my stroke broken down and seeing it underwater has been fantastic. I have made so many changes already and set a new PB the week after. The CD and the written analysis is a great bonus. Amazing!