Standing Order T and C’s

Standing Order T& C’s

Your agreement with UK Swim Academy shall be considered to be in effect upon booking with us. This booking may have been made on line, over the phone, via email or letter. By enrolling with UK Swim Academy either in a group lesson or 1-2-1 lessons you are bound by these conditions below.

If you do not have access to online banking, please arrange for the standing order to be set up with your own bank.

Payment must be received on the 6th of each month (For Cricklade Swim School) and the 2nd of each month (for Wanborough Swim School), unless agreed prior to the standing order commencing.

If a standing order mandate is cancelled before the end of the full programme, the balance of your full enrolment will become due immediately.

Cricklade Swim School:
To leave the programme 10 weeks notice must be given. Notice to be given in writing to the above address or via email. Before leaving the programme all lessons received must be paid for in full, if there is any outstanding amount this will be calculated and a separate invoice will be sent to you.

Wanborough Swim School:

If the full amount for the term has not been paid and the Standing Order option of payment has been chosen then you are bound to complete the full current term. If you fail to make the monthly standing order payments on time an invoice of the balance remaining will be sent out and must be paid within 10 days of receipt.


A standing order option is benificial for the customer not for the swim school. It must not be seen as a pay as you go option. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the standing order process will lead to the amount owed being passed on to a third party.